Many times I have found myself in need of a finacial breakthrough. The Lord our God is always faithful in His care for us.

I would just like to share a couple of accounts with you of just how faithful He is.

I fully believe in paying my tithes, according to Malachai chapter 3 and giving offerings regularly. I also believe it is vital to confess the precious promises of God pertaining to my area of need. Not too long ago, I was driving(on my last 1/8 of a tank of gas mind you), I had asked the Lord if I was being foolish not to reach out for help and ask one of my friends for the money or if I should just trust Him and keep confessing the word of God in faith. I told Him that if they were the vessel He was choosing to use then it seems He would tell them about my situation.

I did not want to stunt my own spiritual growth in faith by reaching for help before the Father answered my request. I parked my car that evening with an empty tank of gas and an overdue bill. About twenty minutes after I prayed that prayer my best friend sent me a phone mail. It said " The Lord told me to bring you one hundred dollars. He said to bring it to you first thing in the morning, that it is an emergency." Praise God for all of His faithful works! I also praise Him for my obedient friend !

- Nicole Larsson


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