Talk Show “Souls”

The goal of souls magazine is to be the number one outreach resource Christian publication on news stands in America.

Souls is the first and only national magazine that is devoted to deliverance, prophetic intercession, healing, faith, and foundational teachings. We also focus on the lifestyles of our readers and the times in which we live.

Souls will grow tremendously over this next year as we have partnered with major ministries throughout the country who have supported and endorsed this divine cause.

Souls reaches people of all ages, teaching them how to use the word of God in life’s obstacles. We do it like the word says it should be done. Stick with the foundational teachings and use creative topics to help people move into their divine purpose.

We encourage the body of Christ to get to know one another, be real, seek deliverance, and become one as Jesus directed in John 1:17. This allows each individual to be strengthened and encouraged.

Application-Mark 16:17-19 And these signs shall follow those who believe……

Each believer will have resources available on how to move into the gifts of the spirit while seeking the kingdom of God.

Souls delivers all of this in the hippest most dynamic way. Our readers are question seekers and churchgoers.

• 80% of Souls readers go to church on some level
• Souls readers buy one to two Christian cds every month
• 79% regularly surf the net.
• 92% of our readers are tired of limited resources and are looking for the newest wave of fashion technology footwear books and videogames.

You can find souls magazine in your local Christian, neighborhood and convenient bookstores as well as magazine shops, music outlets, and airports in the US. In addition we will be expected distribution in China, Cuba, and Asia

Taryn Tarver
Associate Publisher

Dunamis productions International

Goal: To over take Long Beach and see 1 million people saved walking in power and authority against the kingdom of darkness.

Mission: To provide a center for the army of the Lord to be trained, delivered, and set free to evangelize throughout the world based on the original 16 teaching characteristics from the church of the Apostle foundation.

Motto: One Lord! One faith! One Baptism! “We are one.”

Purpose: To give Glory and all honor to God and fulfill our great commission through going out preaching and teaching the word of God. To be a resource for young people, families, individuals and churches offer deliverance from demonic pressures and set people on the right path towards there callings and gifts. Through the 9 gifts of the spirit, our vision is to help develop others equip the army for battle. This is done by us decreasing and allowing Jesus to increase in us. “To show people that they have power and authority and how to use that power and have a firm foundation without racism, strife and religious spiritual influences.

Psalm 68:11

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