Self Healing

Isaiah 53:4-5 Amplified

Surely He has borne our grief’s sicknesses, weaknesses, and distresses, and carried our sorrow and pains of punishment, yet we ignorantly considered him stricken, smitten and afflicted by God as if with leprosy. 5 but, he was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities: the chastisement needed to obtain peace and well being for us was upon him and with the stripes that wounded him we are healed and made whole.

Many times when we are wounded in the body of Christ we don’t know what to do. First we talk about the problem or situation to everyone and we focus on the pain. At times we even become bitter about it having agony that will not go away. This is Satan doing his job and now it is time that we as soldiers in the Army of the living God do our part.

Luke 17:1 says that trial are bound to come, as long as you are in this body the devil will oppose you. Your number one job while on earth is to overcome Rev 3:21 when we get to heaven there is nothing left to overcome the battle is done down here. Jesus overcame the enemy and so must we. Notice the last statement is used in present tense by the wounds that afflicted him we are healed. Your not waiting, hoping or wishing to be healed you are right now healed. Jesus bourn what every wound that you are dealing with over 2000 years ago so that you wouldn’t have to. Your job is to say what the Lord says to receive what he says. I know that the problem is heavy on your mind and the reports are coming in from every area. The situation looks hopeless, but your confession must be from this day forward. I am healed call yourself whole. God is looking for his people to get in agreement with his word today. We curse ourselves many times, because we keep saying what the doctor, lawyer, landlord, and teacher, ex-boyfriend said instead of speaking directly to the problem.

If you are in a situation today and you are heavy first, you must command that heaviness in the name of Jesus to leave you. Resist it until it obeys you, some spirits are very disobedient and have to be told with force many times, but like stubborn children they must obey the one in Authority over them and that person is you! Math 18:21 Luke 10:19, Luke 9:1.

Second you must confess worry as sin. 1John 1:9 say’s “receive Gods cleansing instantly by faith” (don’t wait for a feeling his cleansing is a fact).

Third, claim Isaiah 53:4-5 over your situation call yourself healed, speak the outcome Romans 4:17 and get into praise, thank God for doing what his word says. The enemy knows that God always keeps his promises. There are 7,487 promises in the bible where God made to man, so that you can have everything that you would need to make it (1 peter 1-4). Jeremiah 1:12 says that “the Lord watches over his word to perform it” and in Jer 46:24 he says “to put him in remembrance of his word argue the matter with him.” He wants you to bring him his word.

Today you have the victory because you have the word of God and thanks to God who always causes us to triumph. Commit to changing your situation today by using the authority that Jesus has given you.

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