Nicole Larsson Bio:

    Nicole E. Larsson was born to parents Eleanor Earle and Eric John Larsson on December 23, 1970 in Sonoma California. Her siblings include older sister Gayla Elaine Collier, twin brother Eric J. Larsson and two younger brothers Matthew Neil and Elisha Luke Harris. She attended high school in Porterville California at Porterville High and was a homemaker and mother for the following three years.

Nicole’s mother played a very influencial role in her life. She exemplified love and patience in her career working with developmentally disabled children. Her ability to draw their attention and redirect negative behavior always fascinated Nicole.

Finding opportunity in Eugene Oregon as a Nurses aide at the local hospital she began a career working with cancer patients where she remained for ten years. Also having been active on special projects within clinical education and a specialty in communication.

She has a love for children and played an active role in the community as a volunteer for both the Head start preschool program and Relay For Life Cancer Foundation. Having lived in Southern California for the last three years she has enjoyed a career in the sales industry working a regional manager and enjoying her role as Vice President of Women Of Noble Character Ministries.

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