Juan Ball Bio:

    Juan Ball Born in Gardena, California, grew up to overcome many demographical obstacles including drugs, gang violence, and teen pregnancy in a single parent low-income household to graduate with honors from Compton High.

While at Compton, Juanís superior track skills enabled her to receive nation wide attention. Though she had a lung disorder- chronic acute asthma, she did not receive an athletic scholarship but instead received many academic scholarships.

She attended Humboldt State University where she received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her Masterís in Psychology and a Pupil Personnel Services Credential in school counseling.

While obtaining her degrees, Juan continued to participate in the sport that doctors said would never allow her to run again if her asthma did not come under control.

Juan became All-American track and field star (9 times) and from there qualified to go to the US championship and began representing the US in various events such as the World University Games (1995,1997) and competing at the Olympic Team trials (1996,2000) running against the likes of Marion Jones, Ingrid Miller and Gail Devers.

Juan continues to run against the odds by counseling high school students and coaching girls track at Centennial High School in her community of Compton, California

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