Goal: To change the world through the hearts of people in every nation, country, and region. We will bring the message of Jesus Christ through the Bible to set captives free, heal broken hearts, and proclaim this is the year of Godís favor.

Mission: To provide a center for the army of the Lord to be trained, delivered, and set free to evangelize throughout the world based on the original 16 teaching characteristics from the church of the Apostle foundation. To hold conferences nationally and internationally to mentor, activate, train, and heal churches, families, government systems, and individuals world wide.

Motto: We have nothing if we have not love!

Purpose: To love God's people and fufill the great commission

in Matthew 28:18 To go out to all nations preaching and teaching the word of God.

To be a resource for young people, families, individuals and churches offer deliverance from demonic systems and set people on the right path towards there callings and gifts through the 9 gifts of the spirit.

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Vision: To help people mature and develop. To train an army who will conquer every battle that they may face. This will be accomplished by us decreasing and allowing Jesus to increase in us.

We will let the world know that they are who the Bible says that they are, people will be equip ďTo show people that they have power and authority and how to use that power and have a firm foundation without racism, strife and religious or bad spiritual influences. Luke 10:19

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