AAA History of Women of Noble Character

In July of 2003, Taryn Tarver had a dream from the Lord where she was holding a conference called Women of Noble Character. She awoke from the dream and spoke out loud, “that seems like a lot of work Lord,” then quickly put the thought out of her mind. For the next month the dream continued until the Lord asked if she was going to obey. She said yes and the word become flesh. Taryn gathered ten women together and they began the planning process of the conference. The first conference was held in November of 2003. These ten women worked together in one accord and God supplied the funding to hold the conference at the La Quinta Inn in La Habra, California. The conference was very successful and many lives were changed.

“Women of Noble Character” was officially born and the next event was a Prayer Breakfast in Los Angeles planned for 2004. In prayer, Taryn asked that Prophetess Joni Ames could come from North Carolina to be part of the breakfast ministry. The next day Joni Ames phoned and announced that she would be coming to Los Angeles the very same weekend that WONC had planned the prayer breakfast. The hand of God continued to lead. Later that year Taryn Tarver became the Business and Professional Women’s President of the Fountain of Life District over eight churches. WONC went on to conduct district meetings and eventually started their first Debutant Ball. This Ball was completely Spirit led. Twelve women started classes and prepared for the nine-month process towards the day of the ball. We helped mentor each young lady and teach them about abstinence, etiquette, family, friendship, college preparation, and on the job training. Each young lady went through a godly transformation and walked away with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. WONC receive numerous donations from businesses such as Jessica McClintok, Dada Footwear, and Albertson’s.

In 2004 Women of Noble Character held six different events from conferences to ‘focus on the family’ dinners, a ‘day of unity’ conference and a men’s conference. Through the years we have continued to mentor young people and in 2005 we launched our international ministry SOULS of Noble Character with a conference that fed families, and gave out shoes and clothes in the South Gate community. Currently the combined ministries have a 6am bible study Monday- Friday where many well respected speakers across the country minister to all who link into our conference call.

Women of Noble Character combined with SOULS of Noble Character conduct prophetic breakfasts, deliverance conferences, and arts movements. For 2008 we have enhanced the vision by the direction of the Holy Spirit. Our renewed vision is :’To change the world through the hearts of people in every nation, country, and region. We will bring the message of Jesus Christ through the Bible to set captives free, heal broken hearts, and proclaim that this is the year of God’s favor.’ We also have plans to provide a center for the army of the Lord to be trained, delivered, and set free to evangelize throughout the world based on the original sixteen teaching characteristics from the church of the Apostle foundation. This will be accomplished by us decreasing and allowing Jesus to increase in us. We will let the world know that they are who the Bible says that they are. People will be equipped “To demonstrate that they have power and authority based on the Word of God a firm foundation without racism, strife, religious or demonic influences. We have a vision to hold conferences nationally and internationally, to mentor, activate, train, and heal individuals, families, churches, and government systems, worldwide.

For more information about Women of Noble Character and SOULS of Noble Character, you can visit us on our web page at: www.wonc.com.

Acts 1:8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

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