The bible sayís that there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. This friend is someone who loves you more than they love themselves. When times are rough for you the friend that God sends will pray, fast, and go out of their way for you. Biblically this type of relationship can be thought of as a friendship covenant. Jonathan and David are the best depiction in the bible for how a friendship should be.

My best friend and I have an amazing friendship not because we are so perfect, not far from it. We submit one to another on a daily basis. We are able to detect when one is under attack, sad, frustrated, irritated or agitated (which is warned in the bible not to allow into our lives John 14: 27 amp) when a problem is discovered though abnormal character, the other does not get an attitude, make smart comments, or get offended. We immediately look for a way to get the other person back on track. This could mean stopping and praying immediately, going to scripture, telling a testimony, making them laugh, or saying hey youíre not yourself whatís going on? The bible says that a kind word turns away wrath. It takes a mature Christian to not allow the same spirit that is attacking their friend to jump on them. The biblical word would be a humble person to lower ones self and put the other one first. (Rules for Holy living Col 3, Roman 12)

If you ask the majority of people if they are a good friend, their reply will be, yes. However, typically people are offended and donít know how to see past the darts. I was reading as book called, ĎPrepare for Warí by Rebecca Brown. The synopsis is about two friends who were undergoing a satanic attack and were to be human sacrifices by a local satanic cult.

Rebecca went to her friend Elaine and told her that God had revealed to her that he would protect them if they would enter into a protection covenant of agreement with the Lord. Elaine foolishly refused God; she was dealing with the Lord the same way she had dealt with people in the world. Rebecca understood the severity of Elaineís rebellion. Elaine had not submitted her stubborn will to the Lord totally and if she didnít obey God it was to cost her, her life. In the midst of their heated discussion after much persistence and faithless words being spoken by Elaine, an angel appeared in their room to take Elaineís life.

Elaineís stubbornness continued and she wanted to physically fight the Lords angel. Rebecca dropped to her knees and asked God to forgive Elaine and reminded God that the devil would place fear in others who try to get out of Satanism (in which Elaine had previously been involved in for several years) by saying ďlookĒ, Elaine died and so will you. She petitioned for her friend as Moses did and as we should do for our friends who canít see the error of their stubborn ways. The bible says, ďMy people perish for lack of knowledge,Ē saying that they are not aware of what they are doing will not get them by the word of God.

Rebecca asked God for the punishment to be put on her for Elaine. The angel put his sword away and said your prayer has been granted by the Lord and vanished. The next day Rebecca became deathly ill and could not move Elaine knew by the Holy Spirit instantly what had happen the punishment was on Rebecca for Elaine. Elaine laid on the floor for four hours crying to the lord and giving up her stubborn rebellious ways.

Rebecca taught Elaine that biblically Moses interceded for the people that were rebellious in Numbers 14:11-16 because the word says in 1 Samuel 15:23 that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. In the 22 verse it says that to obey is better than sacrifice. So if you are in a situation and a friend does not want to submit to the a rhema word, logos word, or prayer you have the ability being the priest and king that God made you to turn wrath away from them Rev 1:6. You may be saying God doesnít send wrath but the word says that he punishes those he loves in Hebrew 12, the bible also says for people who wont listen in some cases turn them over to Satan and after they have had enough they will return to the Lord and be saved.

Your own will can not interfere with the will of God if you want to be blessed. Things have to be done Gods way there is no compromise for those who truly are his chosen vessels. The bible says that your thoughts are not Gods thoughts nor your ways his ways Isaiah 55:8-11, it also says that a manís ways seem right in his own eyes Proverbs 16:2.

I bring this point in because everyone believes that they are right and you will encounter some stubborn friends and you have a choice to make to transform your character and nature, to humble yourself and help another soul or allow the devil to win even if it is temporarily. You must always remain teachable and be a good listener. God is longing to make you a better friend today. Ask the Lord to show you areas where selfishness, pride, rebellion, stubbornness, or unforgiveness may be in your heart, ask the lord to make you a good friend to those that he has given you and when the test comes, because it is bound too, choose to bless and not curse. Seek peace and pursue it. As mentioned with David and Jonathan there bond was everlasting until death if they had no one else they could always count on consistency from one another. Be willing to lay down your life for your friend and walk in love.

In an Argument or Situation always move forward towards a solution:

1. When a situation arises be willing to put it out quickly

2. Donít say hurtful things that scare. This is never acceptable with the Lord. Bless them with your mouth donít curse.

3. Donít get offended, the enemy is behind all confusion & bind him and be the bigger person.

4. Offer prayer immediately if the other party is unwilling to pray then intercede the table for conversation and walk in love.

5. Let the word be the final decision in every situation.

6. Never talk about the situation with someone else prior to going to your friend unless you are seeking wise council. Stay on the topic this is not the time to talk about another past situation.

7. Consider the other persons feelings.

8. Be willing to take the low road.

9. Listen.

10. Find out what you learned from the situation

To maintain a healthy friendship:

1. Pray on all occasion, initiate it and make it regular in your relationship God loves the prayer of agreement.

2. Check in with your friend, ask them about their day, how was work going and how theyíre feeling.

3. Use discernment to know when there is something spiritually wrong with them and be willing to take authority over your friendís situation. Nothing is better than a friend battling the devil on the spot while on the phone, in a letter, a visit, actÖ

4. Do acts of kindness; send a gift, card or food. Let them know that they are appreciated.

5. Read and study your friend. Know them inside and out.

6. Ask God about your friend especially the things you donít understand and help them spiritually.

7. Be an asset spiritually to help them grow and donít allow them to become content.

8. Never be quiet for the sake of not rocking the boat when your friend need spiritual help or is in sin.

9. Never allow there to be division.

10. Come into agreement often and stand on Godís promises when one is weaker, the other will be stronger. You have to be willing to give and take.

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