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Teen Debutant Pageant 2004

Ashley Tarver
Winner 2004

Tonika Moore
2nd Place
Stephanie Ruff
3rd Place

Benefits and Goals

The Fountain Of Life District Teen Debutant Pageant include among their goals:


To offer a venue where young women from 13-18 years old can grow personally in poise, confidence, goal setting, public speaking and communication skills, physical and mental fitness and self discipline.


To open doors and provide career and educational opportunities not only to the winner but also to ALL the young women who participate.


To provide a positive alternative that lure our young people today.


To promote our sponsors throughout the state.
To promote involvement of contents in community service programs and charities.

Judging Criteria

Throughout the Fountain Of Lift District participants are judged in three areas.

1. Interview competition: pageant judges spend time with each delegate to learn about her success, talent, goals and ambition. Attention is focused on her poise, charm, self-confidence and her ability to communicate as well as the substance of her answers.

2. Business competition: attention is focused professional aspects as far as community service e and church involvement on a regional level, as well as the confidence which each contents carries herself.

3. Evening gown competition: Each delegate wears a gown she has chosen for herself. Attention is focused on each contents overall appearance, self-confidence, sense of style and the beauty she brings to the gown of her choice.

(There is no talent competition and NO experience is necessary).

The Miss Fountain Of Life District Debutante Pageant are looking for an ambassador to represent the Fountain Of Life District throughout the state and as well as nationally. The winner will not score the highest in one particular category but will do well in all events.
They will be young women’s who possess the entire package of poise, personality, intelligent and beauty. They should understand that along with the prizes and glamour there comes a responsibility to the pageant sponsors community and to The Fountain Of Life District. They automatically become role models. It is certain to be a year of personal growth and maturing that money cannot buy.

Debutant Mentorship Available for more information or a workshop. email

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