Don't Wait!
While you wait the devil is making grounds.

As Christians we have to learn to be quick to obey the voice of God. You may feel an urge in your spirit to call someone and say something, give them money, read a verse, and move your car, anything no matter how large or small. And many times we say to ourselves that Iíll remember to do that in a few minutes or later then we never get around to it or disaster strikes but if we had only done what we had thought of at the time then the outcome would have been different. God was letting you know that the person needed it right them. We are too natural minded and donít realize Gods leading. The majority of time while we are getting around to doing blessingís the devil is pick-pocketing the other Christian. The wife may be worrying and her husband called at that moment hints no argument or grounds for the enemy or maybe she just needed to know that her husband loved her at that moment, because the devil was speaking to her mind saying, ďhe didnít try to plant a seed to get her upset and bring division,Ē but the man of God responded to the thought and his kind word counterattacked the devil.

We need to respond faster and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us more frequently and clearly. I started doing this about a year ago as I was going to a dinner meeting and I saw someone from my job and he said, ďill see you at the meeting tomorrow,Ē I shrugged it off, and the Lord urged me to call and find out about the meeting. I didnít do it; I forgot and was busy doing other things.

The next day I got up and went to work as usual, I heard clearly you are suppose to be in a meeting all day today. God even had someone else mention a different meeting to me. I got on the phone and called my boss; he called me later and let me know that he was concerned that it wasnít like me not to show up to a mandatory meeting. The lord covered me, but I didnít look to good to my bosses, then I realized that God was telling me but I wasnít understanding that I was supposed to do it right then.

This happened many times over the next 3 months I would be urged to do a task and thought oh Ill get around to it and never would and had many disasters. Finally the Spirit spoke to me and said if you would obey my lead when I give it to you, you will see victory and your yes will be a yes and your no a no. It will save you a lot of trouble.

In Men this is common in relationships they wait, while women are expecting, this can easily be remedied by communicating your urge, and desire when you get it. Donít allow the devil to steal in your relationship, job, finances or any area of your life. Learn to react quickly and become a person of your word today.

Reading kings 6

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